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Small Bottled Water Plant in Bangladesh

Small Bottled Water Plant

Now day Small Bottled Water Plant in Bangladesh is growing business. The Small Bottled Water Plant in Bangladesh fastest growing segment in beverage industry such as, the bottled water business offers excellent opportunities for water treatment professionals to provide their customers with a new service that is increasing in demand. The industry also provides entrepreneurs an excellent growth market to enter. The water, as they say, is fine. If current trends continue, bottled water is expected to be the second most popular beverage behind soft drinks, surpassing milk and coffee. the beverage marketing corporation’s 2002 statistics show a decline in consumption for a fourth straight year for these beverage, while bottle water continues its 7-10 percent annual increase. Driving the growth of Small Bottle Water Plant has been the quest for an alternative to tap water and the advent of single-serve bottled waters. A decade ago, bottled water for use in home and office water coolers was 90 percent of the market. Today, single-serve bottle waters account for more than one-third of bottled water volume. A Small Bottle Water Plant has joined the ubiquitous cell phone as an accessory of choice with people on the go. Bottled water is a national market; however, opportunities are growing for local and regional bottled water operations. As with any other business venture, you must have a good handle on the market for bottled water in your area. You can have the best sources of water and a state-of-the-art bottling plant, but if you do not know who you are selling water to, success is unlikely. You need to set geographical limits of your service-how much territory you can realistically expect to serve for Small Bottle Water Plant in Bangladesh. Check the demographics of your chosen market area to determine population (prospective customer base) to get an idea of potential spending levels, and find out market penetration of any competing Small Bottle Water Plant in Bangladesh bottled water companies that may be operating in your targeted territory.

Typical Flow Diagram of Small Bottle Water Plant

Deep Tube Well / Any Other Source Water

Raw Water Tank

Feed Pump

Multi-grade Filter

Pressure Sand Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Antiscalant Dosing System

Micron Filter

Multistage Pump

RO Membrane

Ozone Generator

Pure Water Tank

In-line Pump

UV Sterilizer

Absolute Filter

Filling Line

Typical Flow Diagram of Filling and Packing Machine

Air Conveyor

3 in 1 Filling Machine

Lamp Check


Label Table

Shrink Tunnel

Ink Jet Code

Shrink Machine

Stock the Finished Goods

How Much Is The Investment of Small Bottle Water Plant in Bangladesh

The investment of Small Bottled Water Plant in Bangladesh justly depends upon the working scope of plant, the Production Capacity of plant, Origin of Plant’s Equipment and Source of Raw Water that will be treated. In such Small Bottle Water Plant some people may look at a bottle market. If you want to produce bottle at your own scope of work then the rate of investment of Small Bottle Water Plant will be higher, on the other hand if you want to purchase the empty bottle from out source then the production cost will be higher as a result the profit ration of bottle water will lower. So the final decision of “Which type Small Bottle Plant” Truly depends upon your targeted Market segments and capability of investment. But in general it found the success of Small Bottle Water Plant in Bangladesh is lower if the marketing channel are not properly settle up as well us if you plan to buy the empty bottle from outsource.

Machinery & Equipment: All machines like Water Treatment Plant, Jar Filling Line, Laboratories equipment etc. will come under this.

Utilities: Water Consumption, Electricity Air Conditioning Bill , air Compressor etc.

Liaison Expenses: BSTI License & other Government License of Bangladesh expenditure.

Consultancy Charges: Free of cost from our end.

Consultancy Charges: Free of cost from our end.

Building Cost: Construction, interior cost as per your requirement.

VAT and TAX: As per government rules.

Advantages of Bottled Water

The prime advantage of bottled water is that it is appropriate and safe. When you are travelling to work, or on holiday, you can never sure if there will be clean and safe drinking water at your destination or on your way there such as bottle water. It is also very easy to carry to any places. The bottled water is pure and filtered to remove any harmful chemicals and bacteria, leaving you feeling better and healthier. If you are concerned about the environment, and do not want to install bottled water coolers, then we have the perfect solution for you. Other benefits of bottles water is that it will ensure you are properly hydrated at all times. Tests have shown that a drop in body fluids can lead to poor mental and physical performance of up to 30%. Carrying fresh water with you, and having regular sips of water will ensure that you are never thirsty, and that you will always perform at your best.

Some of these benefits include:

Taste of Bottle Water: Water straight from the tap can sometimes have an odd taste and it may contain virus and bacteria, such as a metallic taste, which can be due to factors such as chemical treatments. When you drink bottled water, you should find that the taste is much better and far more palatable

Safety of Bottle: When you drink purified bottled water, you have the peace of mind that you are not drinking water that is at risk of being contaminated – something that is particularly important if you are visiting certain countries abroad.

Convenience of Bottle Water: Bottled water is very convenient and safe, as you can carry it with you wherever you go without the need to look for taps and cups whenever you want a drink.

On Emergencies: If you buy bottled water you will not have to worry as much if there is a problem with your water supply for whatever reason, as you will still have water available to drink.

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