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About Roopokar

About Roopokar

Roopokar a broadly acclaimed name to serve environmental sustainable solutions to the different industries across continents for more than one decade, covers the end to end value chain from designing to construction and operations as well as maintenance. Upholding the pioneering spirits, PRITHULA aspires to be in the forefront of the transition towards a lowcarbon economy bringing quality criteria and innovation processes with IoT throughout the projects in order to optimize the efficient use of resources.

The company has a team of industry experts who add value to facilities be it industrial, residential, commercial, municipal or national through solving toughest waterrelated issues & modernizing systems & facilities through Smart Automation & Safety Security Systems.


Smart Solutions for Waters (Desalinization Water Treatment, RO, UV and ETP, CETP, STP, WTP, SRP, ZLD, ZDHC, ETC).

Environmental Solutions (Monitoring & Analysis, IEE, EIA, ESIA, EMP & 3R Reports).

Waste Management Systems (Solid Waste Management, Medical Waste Management etc).

Indoor Fish Farming Systems.

Fire Safety Solutions.

Building Automations Systems.

Equipment Solutions.


Smart Solutions for Waters

ndustrial Wastewater is one of the main pollution sources in the pollution of the environment. Since last century a huge amount of untreated industrial wastewater is being discharged into river, lakes and coastal areas. In most cases these waters are highly toxic & poisonous. This resulted in severe pollution problems in the environment and caused serious negative effect to the ecosystem and human life.

Roopokar prides itself on its ability to take on new wastewater challenges and develop costeffectively and reliable
solutions for them

D.Saline Water treatment.

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).

CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant).

CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant).

STP (Sewage Treatment Plant).

WTP (Water Treatment Plant).

Assessment, Modification & Certification of ETP/STP/WTP, ETC.

SRP (Salt Recovery Plant).

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge).

ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals)

Wastewater Treatment Chemicals & Bacteria Agent.

Environmental Solutions:

Environmental Monitoring & Analysis (Air, Water & Noise).

IEE, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), ESIA, EMP & 3R Reports.

Consultancy for Department of Environment (DoE), IFC, WB & ADB Requirements.

Waste Management Solutions:

SWMS (Solid Waste Management System).

MWMS (Medical Waste Management System).

SPGS (Sludge Power Generation System.

Energy & Green Building Consultancy:

Green Building Certification LEED.

Energy Audit & Efficiency Consultancy.

Indoor Fish Farming Systems:

Roopokar with its extensive knowledge of water quality management proudly offers RAS for Indoor fish farming. RAS Technology assures around 30 times more productivity compared to traditional farming. Through RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System), fish farming is also hygienic & safe in terms of fish fry quality & survival, thus assures the higher profit.

Complete RAS.

Automatic Fish Feeder.

Online & Computerbased Central Controlling System for RAS.

Automatic Water Filtration System, Pump, Oxygen (O2) / Ozone Generator, Blowers.

Traning & Turnkey Solutions for new entrepreneurs.

Fire Safety Solutions:

Smart Fire Detection, Prevention & Suppression System.

Package Fire Pumping Station & Equipment (UL Listed).

Vertical Turbine, EndSuction & SplitCase Fire Pump Stations.

One Stop Service:

360° Solutions:



Customized Solution.

Equipment Supplies.

Erection & Installation.

Maintenance (both Remote & Onsite).

EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction.

Turnkey & BOT (Build Operate & Transfer).

The rate of technological advancement & innovation had never been as fast as it is nowadays. So, we must remain updated or be ahead of the changes & avail the benefits of innovation in order to survive or win over. with its advanced knowledge of Computerbased communication, IoT, Building Management System & control mechanism will ensure your establishment remains stateoftheart through automation and enjoy the benefits of Safety, Security, Efficiency & Higher Productivity.

BMS, Dashboard & Control System

Lighting Automation & Active Daylight

Smart Generator & Boiler Management.

Access Control & Occupancy Management.

Car Parking Automation & Theft Prevention.

Energy & Resource Consumption Monitoring.

Solar Energy System Setup & Monitoring System.

Conventional Halls & Common Places Automation.

Video Doorbell Bell System & Remote Door Control.

ntelligent HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning)

Smart AntiTheft System IP Based Surveillance System with Intrusion detection.

Roopokar Trade Center !

It has professionally qualified & Experienced Engineering team. The Company under takes consultancy on total implement turnkey project consisting of design, Engineering Manufacturing, Installation & Troubleshooting of textile machinery, Boilre etc. We are capable of conducting business in large volumes as per best Quality products at very competitive price. We always focus on the investment and upgrading technology manufacturing, expansion, raising Quality products.

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Roopokar Trade Center, a broadly acclaimed name to serve environmental sustainable solutions to the different industries across continents for more than one decade, covers the end to end value chain from designing to construction and operations as well as maintenance.