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multi split air conditioner

Is multi split air conditioning good?

A multi split air conditioning unit is a great choice if you wish to air condition more than one location in your house and need to independently control the temperature of each room. It is also a great alternative to a ducted system if the space in the roof or under the floor is restricted.

Daikin Multi Split Systems can heat or cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit can also be individually controlled, scheduled and set to the desired room temperature.

What is Multi Split Air Conditioner? (Capacity Sharing)

Multi-split air conditioner is a direct expansion air conditioning system that consists of multiple evaporators and a single condenser. A typical multi-split condenser can have up to 5 ports that connect to individual evaporators. All evaporators and the condenser are interlinked and thus, any refrigerant leakages can cause the entire multi-split system to stop functioning. The multi split air conditioner is very similar to the split air conditioner but, with only a single condenser. The main selling point of the multi split air conditioner is space-saving with a single condenser. However, with the right application, it is more than just a space-saving tool.
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