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Iron Removal Plant

Iron Removal Plant is most effective solution in Industrial Water Purifier Sector in Bangladesh, It is wide using for Industrial solution as well as home use. Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants .. .. ..

RO Water Plant

RO Water Plant / Reverse Osmosis Water Plant is a process that industry uses to clean water, whether for industrial process applications or to convert brackish water  to clean up .. .. ..

Mineral Water Plant

We are leading and reputed manufacturer of Mineral Water Plant in Bangladesh and related machineries for Mineral Water Plant. We are ready to design and implementation .. .. ..

Water Softener Plant

In some are in Bangladesh Water Softener Plant (WSP) is mandatory for many industry due to highly hard water. Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water.

Mobile Water Treatment

Mobile water treatment plant is an equipment, which one can ensure safe and WHO standard drinking water from any kind of source water in any time, any place. Having a built-in power generation facility enables the system independent   .. .. ..

Small Bottled Water Plant
Now day Small Bottled Water Plant in Bangladesh is growing business. The Small Bottled Water Plant in Bangladesh fastest growing segment in beverage industry such as, the bottled water business offers excellent opportunities for water .. .. ..
Packaged STP Plant

We are manufacturer and supplier of Packaged STP Plant in Bangladesh. Package STP is a System where it can install where limitation of space and wide application of Package STP in commercial and residential both sectors.

Juice and Soft Drink Project

We are leading names in the field of providing complete solutions for Juice and Soft Drink Project in Bangladesh. To make Juice and Soft Drink Project 100% pure water is the first criteria and we always use Reverse Osmosis Water .. .. ..

Package Jar Water Project

Jar Water Plant in Bangladesh is most booming business now days. The demand of pure drinking water is increasing year after year. The average per capita consumption of pure drinking water has increased and given the limited resource of .. .. ..

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It has professionally qualified & Experienced Engineering team. The Company under takes consultancy on total implement turnkey project consisting of design, Engineering Manufacturing, Installation & Troubleshooting of textile machinery, Boilre etc. We are capable of conducting business in large volumes as per best Quality products at very competitive price. We always focus on the investment and upgrading technology manufacturing, expansion, raising Quality products.

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Roopokar Trade Center, a broadly acclaimed name to serve environmental sustainable solutions to the different industries across continents for more than one decade, covers the end to end value chain from designing to construction and operations as well as maintenance.