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VRF System Air Conditioner

What is the benefit of VRF?

With VRF technology, heating and cooling only the spaces that need it is simple. These systems circulate the minimum amount of refrigerant needed for each individual zone to satisfy the building load. Since there are no ducts, this eliminates the energy waste associated with the duct loss.

What type of system is VRF?

The term VRF “variable refrigerant flow” is an air conditioning system that consists of one outdoor condensing unit and several indoor units. These systems can control the refrigerant amount flowing to different multiple evaporators.

How Does a VRF System Work?

Variable refrigerant flow systems continually adjust the flow of refrigerant to each indoor evaporator. Thus, each indoor evaporator has its own set of controls, allowing for air conditioning in a server room, for instance, and heating in an office space to occur simultaneously, with one HVAC system.

The indoor units link to the outdoor unit via control wires. The outdoor unit responds to the heating or cooling demand from the indoor units by manipulating its compressor speed to match the total requirements.

Which Is Better, VRF or Split AC?

The choice between a VRF or Split AC system will depend on your application. A VRF system typically works better in a commercial building structure with more square footage. Split AC units are ductless systems used more often in residential settings. 

You may also consider that a VRF system with heat recovery can simultaneously heat and cool different parts of a building. VRF technology is becoming more common in the United States as more people learn of its benefits. 

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